KBH is an adult establishment that has always welcomed children, and we'd like to continue to do so.
But in light of a few recent incidents, we have no choice but to tighten our policy on having children in our establishment.

Monday- Friday: 3pm- 6pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11am- 4pm

These house rules were created with your child's safety in mind and in keeping with the FDNY and
Department of Health rules, we are required to enforce the following:

-No running

-No climbing on the furniture, games or pool table

-Since children must be supervised at all times, there can not be more
than 3 children per 1 adult

-Strollers must not block the front entrance or the emergency exits

-No changing diapers outside of the bathroom. There are changing stations in both
bathrooms for your convenience.

-Please keep children with you at your table. (No tables of children without an adult present)

-The responsible adult must be within 15 ft of their children at all times

-Shoes and clothes must be worn at all times

Thank You For Your Cooperation!!
-Team KBH

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